Monday, February 7, 2011

This weekend

On Saturday, I was really excited because I didn’t have to go to work. I ended up going to Walmart and running into an old friend. We decided to go rollerblading. So I went home and got ready and met up with her once we both had roller blades. We drove to Huntington Beach with the top down on my read convertible. We sang loudly as we approached the beach and attempted to find parking. There was an event going on to set up for the Super bowl marathon, so parking was hard to come by. Once we parked and strapped on our rollerblades, we skated down the sidewalk. Rollerblading is kind of like riding a bike, you never really forget, but you could be a little rusty and almost die a couple times. After that we got lunch at subway and ate on Main Street. It’s really fun to catch up with old friends and talk nonstop. After hanging out, I went home to get ready. I took a shower and did my makeup because I was going over to my best friend’s house to watch the UFC fight. The whole group was over and it was really fun. The fight was super intense even though the main event only lasted forty-five seconds. It was already ten, but I decided to go to the movies with my Uncle to watch Sanctum.  That movie was pretty crazy. Long story short, please don’t ever let me go cave diving! On Sunday I woke up ready to cease the day. I went to the gym and then had to come home and get ready for work. It was such a nice day and I left to work with the top down and my sunglasses on. Once I got to work, I wasn’t the only person in a good mood. My manager shared a whole bunch of funny stories. I love my job at Victoria’s Secret. Honestly I love helping people out and I love a job that you can just talk to people because that is one of my favorite things to do.  Also, I love the people I work with, some more than others, but that happens everywhere you go.  Everyone is really nice and fun to be around. Occasionally we do have girls who just want a paycheck and don’t really like being there, but to me its like why would you work somewhere you don’t want to be the majority of your time? Why sell people stuff you’re not passionate about in the first place? I guess that’s just one of my pet peeves.  After closing up, I went home and realized I was pretty bored. My brother still hadn’t come home from the super bowl party he attended and I had no one to bug. I ended up sitting on the computer and texting and listening to music. Of course I was lip syncing to the best of my ability. After a great weekend, I went to sleep ready to wake up on Monday morning and start my week. Monday mornings are a lot less dreadful when you don’t have to wake up early for work or school. J