Monday, May 16, 2011

Bitter Sweet

So this week is the last week of the semester and it is pretty bitter sweet. This semester started off really well, but it ended pretty terribly. I've never done this bad in school and I'm struggling to pass a class! That has definitely never happened! I'm really bitter about how I did this semester. I really did not have my priorities straight and I honestly contemplated dropping out. I was doing so well at my job and I really got ahead of myself. The sweet part is that now I realize that school is important and I have every intention of getting priorities together. I now see that school is not a party or meant to be extremely fun, but when you make the best of it, it can be really enjoyable. I'm actually really excited for next semester to start, and to get all my classes. I really want to do all my homework and do the best that I can. I really am sick of selling myself short and not living up to my full potential. On a  more serious note, I have my child development final tomorrow. I really messed up in that class this semester. I really did not like the teaching style of the professor and honestly this professor would contradict the book and teach the opposite of what was on the test, so i stopped going to class all together. I lost  a lot of participation points.  Honestly, I know people say don't skip class because it's a waste of money and your paying to be there, but being in that class made me either fall asleep or made me want to yell because I was so frustrated that the professor taught the opposite of the book. However, this class was a huge turning point for me, and I realized that I don't want my major to be child development. I changed my major to Spanish and I went and met with a counselor and found out I'm ahead of schedule on my classes for this major! So even though this semester had its downs, I'm really excited that I learned from it and can close this chapter of my life and move on to the next.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 3

Today was day 3 of my mini vacation, and I remembered a word that was made when the recession hit "staycation." Magazines and other advertisers were telling people save money be on vacation, but stay close to home, and that's exactly what i did on my vacation. Today was pretty uneventful, but when your on vacation isn't that exactly what you a need. A day not full of errands and a schedule, but that relaxing feeling that you can honestly do whatever you want. I slept in until around 10 and started my day off right with a trip to the gym. I've really been so excited because on almost all of my gym trips i run/walk at least four miles. I never was able to work out that much prior to my surgery over Christmas break. I got my tonsils out and its helped a great deal. I've always played sports and gone to the gym, but i always had difficulties breathing and with my endurance. i always just thought I wasn't very athletic, but during my senior year of swim I literally had times where i could not breath. One meet during bolsa i was swimming the 200 individual medley and during the first 50 yards I honestly was gasping for air. i finished the race luckily, but as i finished i started to have a panic attack because i couldn't catch my breath. My best friend at the time Kayla had to basically lift me out of the pool. I went to the doctor and it turns out my tonsils were so swollen, no wonder I couldn't breath. i was out of swim for about a month until i got better, but senior year was definitely not my best season of swim.  Then it was just a time issue of when i was going to get my tonsils out, and winter break was the best time because I wouldn't miss school. But back to my vacation, after the gym I came home and had lunch and then i studied for finals. I don't know what it is about studying but it gives me such a headache! Then I went to costco and then I came home and watched some movies and I definitely need to get some more studying in.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 2

Last night i went on a little sushi date with my best friend Christy. Then we went to the hookah bar called Twilight. They played the best arrangement of music ever! i want the dj to spin at the club we always go dancing at because it would be so much more fun. On day 2 of my mini vacation, i started my day off by going to the dentist, then i stayed at home and had the most relaxing day i have had in such a long time. I watched 27 Dresses. that movie is so cute. When my dad got home from work we went on a little shopping spree and i got to buy new sheets. they are a deep burgundy; they are so pretty. After that we came home and watched Tron. it was alright. i could tell that most people were raving about it because of the effects and everything, but the story line didnt keep me awake for long. After that i watched The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez. i remember the first time i watched that movie, i was not expecting it to be a winner, but it turned out to be really funny. Now im relaxing having a Bring it On marathon which is on mtv and giving myself a facial. Taking a little time off work was probably exactly what i needed.

Friday, May 13, 2011

This weekend

this weekend was supposed to be a mini vacation for me. i took the whole weekend off work and i was supposed to go to Arizona with my brother to watch his friend from ASU graduate. Of course things felt too good to be true, and they were. My brother calls me while im in my last class yesterday and tells me that he is leaving with out me and not only that he wants to take my car! i was devastated. not only was i really looking forward to getting away this weekend, no matter where i was really going, he wanted to take my car! it just really made me realize that i do so much for him and he really honestly does not care about me whatsoever. well obviously i was really upset, i mean what am i supposed to do now this whole weekend. I eventually calmed down and realized it was probably for the best, now i can stay home and study for finals. its just really disappointing to know that the circumstances this all happened was because my brother is so selfish and doesnt care about me. Anyways, today is day one of my mini vacation off work and after i type this blog, i will be hitting the gym! After the gym i want to tan out by the pool and then later hang out with my friend julia. we really need to catch up and it has been way too long since she and i had a movie night!
Last night i watched something borrowed with my best friend christy. it was a lot different than what i expected, but it was still a cute movie. we went to the amc at the block at around eight and we bought out tickets. then we filled out this survey at the movie theatre for three dollars each. Free money why not! then we went and sat in the movie. we had already made the decision to not buy snacks, because we were going to eat afterward. as we were watching the previews we smelled a lovely aroma of popcorn and butter and we had to get up and go buy some. i still will never understand how movie theatres get away with selling their food for so much money, but people buy it anyways so i guess thats why. Anyway we walked back to our seats and the movie started. At first i thought this movie was going to be a hilarious romantic comedy, however, i was clearly mistaken. Dont get me wrong the movie had some hilarious parts. It just was nothing like i thought it was going to be. The character Rachel was the studious friend out of the two best friends and she graduated from law school and everything. The other best friend Darcy was the party animal "fun" friend. I really related to this movie because Rachel was always struggling next to Darcy saying that everything was a competition and Darcy always won. However, you go to find out that Rachel was just giving everything to her, Darcy was never actually winning. This made me relate back to my relationship with my cousin because out of the two of us she's the prettier, skinnier one. the boys always flock to her, but after watching this movie i realized its true, one does give up the fight for what they want to the person who you think deserves it. But maybe once in a while people like Rachel in the movie or even me deserve to win a little.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finals are coming up and I couldn’t be any more stressed out. I don’t know what it was about this semester if it was because I was working more or because I finally found friends in college, but I totally slacked off. Im so stressed out I just don’t know where to go from here. My grades are pretty much set anything I do now will help, but not change how much I slacked off in the beginning of the semester. I really am focused on doing better next semester, especially since this semester was such an eye opener on how I need to manage my time and designate time for work, friends, and school. I really think that this semester my real big issue was time management. I’m glad to say that I did not partake in too much procrastination this semester, but everything I forgot to do cancels out everything I did do on time. I also went on huge shopping sprees and spent way too much money this semester. I’m glad to say that I have learned from my mistakes and I never want to feel this amount of stress again. Next semester is going to be completely different. Time management is my new thing to work on and also self control. Self control was my new year’s resolution and I started out doing really well and then slacked off again. I’m turning everything around; now I just need to get through the next three weeks without blowing a gasket L

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ode to the moon
oh beautiful moon coming out as the sun sets to sleep, to help us dream of handsome boys on white horses and to help us count sheep, to watch over us as we party all night, you sure are a trooper cuz there might be a fight and until tomorrow when i see you again sleep tight my dear friend cuz tomorrow we will party all night!

yesterday i was so bored that i actually wrote this poem ode to the moon. i dont really know what came over me to write this except for the fact that i was really bored and i couldnt sleep. i just couldnt help but think that if the moon was a person it would either be really bored or really amused watching all the crazy things people do. then i thought i must be really crazy for thinking what the moon would be thinking if it was a person. i also was really frustrated because my best friend has been really shady lately. I just cant help but think random things when its late at night and i cant sleep. im always really tired, but then when i turn off the light and lay down i cant seem to sleep. that always happens to me unfortunately.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The syfy channel on cable tv plays the craziest movies.   I once watched a movie about a leprechaun who kills people. The stories are crazy and the most of them have pretty good premises, however the acting has to be the worst I have ever seen. We all know that day time drama such as days of our lives have really bad actors as well, but at least they are extremely good looking. The acting on the syfy channel is none of the above. In the movie about the leprechaun they chose the two worst actors I have ever seen in my life. The two main characters were a boy and a girl and they were dating. The leprechaun wanted to marry the girl and have little leprechaun babies and he tried to kill the boyfriend. However, the boyfriend wasn’t actually dead and when the boyfriend came back to save her she mentioned that she had kissed the leprechaun and she didn’t know who was a better kisser. He should have dumped her on the spot I mean that is so creepy. On the other hand that’s more of a writing issue.  Recently, I just watched a mini series called shark swarm. Syfy likes to make mini series because I feel because they started making a movie and couldn’t get it all in two hours so they make three of them two hours each. So shark swarm had a really good premise. It started out in a university class with environmental science students studying pollution in the ocean. In the small town that the series was set in had a power plant that dumped nuclear waste into the ocean. The story goes on that the waste did something crazy to the sharks and mutated their brains and they all started swarming to this location eating everybody! I didn’t get to finish the whole series and see exactly what happened, but  it was really good even though the acting was terrible. Hopefully one day I can finish watching it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Step brothers is one of the funniest movies of all time. The first time I saw this movie, I went to the block to watch it with my cousin Samantha and my friend Alex. Alex thought it was funny, but Samantha and I did not even laugh once. We thought it was the most stupid movie ever! Apparently we weren’t in a comical mood or we just didn’t understand it. When it came out to rent everyone was raving at how hilarious it was and we decided to give it one more chance. Well we watched it again and yep, it was hilarious! I really don’t know why I didn’t think it was funny the first time, but everytime I watch it now I almost come to tears from laughing so hard.

"Lets give them something to talk about how about love loov lovey dovey shooby dauby… I dont know i didnt want to sing to loud and wake up robert and nancy, and my throat is sore ive had a sore throat for a month and a half, and this is not an acoustic environment to request this from me."

Fired up! Is one of the funniest movies of all time. It’s about two high school boys who play football and are notorious players at their school. However, they want to join cheer to go to cheer camp and get even more girls. The script of this movie was so well written. It has so many witty lines and it is so hilarious! I’m a sucker for comedy and cheer movies so this movie was exactly what I was looking for in a movie. Every time I watch this movie I crack up just as much as the first time.

"So not only yesterday do I find out I’m adopted. The people I’ve been calling “Mom” and “Dad” are actually two infertile impostors who bought me outside of a meth clinic in Cincinatti for two boxes of Sudafed, but I also get this news dropped on me - my birth father, Bruce… well he needs a kidney and I’m the only match and apparently Bruce needs it “stat”. Mmm-hmm. You need it stat, Bruce? Huh? Well maybe I needed a father stat instead of my stay-at-home dad who showers me with love everyday of his life, this goddamn spermless liar! 
So now I have to be at Kaiser Permanente at 6 a.m. tomorrow. I know, Bruce couldn’t even afford a real hospital… managed care. Ironic, isn’t it? He never *managed* to care for me."

So about a month ago I got my hair done. I really wanted it to look like the above picture, but I get my hair done by my sister and she kind of made it her own. She really just did it how she has her hair and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. It came  out really blonde and I just figured I could stay blonde for a while. Well when my hair started growing and my roots came in my natural color which is a dark brown, I started freaking out. I really think it looks tacky when people walk around with outrageous roots. So I took matters into my own hands and went to a different lady to go back brown, as close to my natural color as possible. Little did I know that my ash blonde hair mixed with ash brown would turn my hair green! Yes its true I had green hair for exactly 3 days! Well at this point I was as stressed as could be, I mean I was walking around with green hair. That’s when my friend Katie gave me a referral to her hair stylist at the brea mall. I went thinking that im pretty sure things couldn’t get any worse. Well I found out that the only way to take away green was to add red because they are opposites on the color wheel. So she did my hair a burgundy brown color. I really like it don’t get me wrong, but it was never really what I was going for. However, I found a new hairstylist so I am very excited. She said if I keep going back she can get my hair back to how I really wanted it so im really excited. It’s just going to take time J

The oc came out a long time ago, and ok yes I love this show. However, it sucks that this show made everyone think differently about Orange County. I was born and raised in Orange County and it is not all its cracked up to be. This show makes it seem like everybody who lives in Orange County is rich and gorgeous. Everyone thinks that all the teenagers do drugs and all the moms are cougars. The show was great don’t get me wrong. I love drama and I love teen age shows where the main characters are in high school because it’s easier to relate to. However, I don’t understand how this one show made everyone go, “OH hey you’re from the OC, so are you like rich just like in the show?” There are so many other shows that did not change anyone’s mind about the setting, so how come this show had such a big impact on people? Maybe we’ll never know. Since I am on a rant, I will say that this show was really not the same after they killed Marissa off. 

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors of all time. I love his novels because they have great romances, great story lines, and they are all set in North or South Carolina. The scenery in the south is so pretty and just by reading his novels I want to go there so bad! The most recent novel I read by Nicholas Sparks was Safe Haven. This novel takes place in South Carolina and it is about a mysterious woman who moves to a small town. She pretty much keeps to herself and works at a local diner. The other main character in the book is a widowed man with two children who owns the local store. They meet and it was pretty much love at first sight for him. However, she was so secretive and mysterious that she basically stayed away. She was always really friendly to his little daughter though. As the story unfolds we find out her secrets and they end up falling in love. The climax of the book is when her husband comes back to kill her and sets the house on fire. She saves her loves children and everything works out in the end. J

One of my favorite shows is Lipstick Jungle. I have watched both seasons all the way through like three times and I could watch it three more. Im really upset that they cancelled the show during that one big writers strike a couple of years back. This show is set in New York city and the three main characters are three successful, strong business women. It follows their lives in their families, careers, romances, and friendships.  I love this show because it has steamy drama, hot romances, and a strong friendship. One of the characters Wendy, played by Brooke shields, is a head of a movie production company and is married to her husband and has two kids. Nico, is editor and chief of a huge magazine and Victory is a fashion designer. I love how this show was written and nothing in the show was too farfetched. One of the biggest turn offs to day time dramas for me is that they always make the drama so unrealistic and so much is going on that it is hard to follow. Lipstick jungle has enough drama to keep its audience  interested, but everything is pretty realistic and easy to follow. I really wish they kept this show going because it honestly is one of my favorites!

Monday, February 7, 2011

This weekend

On Saturday, I was really excited because I didn’t have to go to work. I ended up going to Walmart and running into an old friend. We decided to go rollerblading. So I went home and got ready and met up with her once we both had roller blades. We drove to Huntington Beach with the top down on my read convertible. We sang loudly as we approached the beach and attempted to find parking. There was an event going on to set up for the Super bowl marathon, so parking was hard to come by. Once we parked and strapped on our rollerblades, we skated down the sidewalk. Rollerblading is kind of like riding a bike, you never really forget, but you could be a little rusty and almost die a couple times. After that we got lunch at subway and ate on Main Street. It’s really fun to catch up with old friends and talk nonstop. After hanging out, I went home to get ready. I took a shower and did my makeup because I was going over to my best friend’s house to watch the UFC fight. The whole group was over and it was really fun. The fight was super intense even though the main event only lasted forty-five seconds. It was already ten, but I decided to go to the movies with my Uncle to watch Sanctum.  That movie was pretty crazy. Long story short, please don’t ever let me go cave diving! On Sunday I woke up ready to cease the day. I went to the gym and then had to come home and get ready for work. It was such a nice day and I left to work with the top down and my sunglasses on. Once I got to work, I wasn’t the only person in a good mood. My manager shared a whole bunch of funny stories. I love my job at Victoria’s Secret. Honestly I love helping people out and I love a job that you can just talk to people because that is one of my favorite things to do.  Also, I love the people I work with, some more than others, but that happens everywhere you go.  Everyone is really nice and fun to be around. Occasionally we do have girls who just want a paycheck and don’t really like being there, but to me its like why would you work somewhere you don’t want to be the majority of your time? Why sell people stuff you’re not passionate about in the first place? I guess that’s just one of my pet peeves.  After closing up, I went home and realized I was pretty bored. My brother still hadn’t come home from the super bowl party he attended and I had no one to bug. I ended up sitting on the computer and texting and listening to music. Of course I was lip syncing to the best of my ability. After a great weekend, I went to sleep ready to wake up on Monday morning and start my week. Monday mornings are a lot less dreadful when you don’t have to wake up early for work or school. J