Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 2

Last night i went on a little sushi date with my best friend Christy. Then we went to the hookah bar called Twilight. They played the best arrangement of music ever! i want the dj to spin at the club we always go dancing at because it would be so much more fun. On day 2 of my mini vacation, i started my day off by going to the dentist, then i stayed at home and had the most relaxing day i have had in such a long time. I watched 27 Dresses. that movie is so cute. When my dad got home from work we went on a little shopping spree and i got to buy new sheets. they are a deep burgundy; they are so pretty. After that we came home and watched Tron. it was alright. i could tell that most people were raving about it because of the effects and everything, but the story line didnt keep me awake for long. After that i watched The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez. i remember the first time i watched that movie, i was not expecting it to be a winner, but it turned out to be really funny. Now im relaxing having a Bring it On marathon which is on mtv and giving myself a facial. Taking a little time off work was probably exactly what i needed.

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