Friday, May 13, 2011

This weekend

this weekend was supposed to be a mini vacation for me. i took the whole weekend off work and i was supposed to go to Arizona with my brother to watch his friend from ASU graduate. Of course things felt too good to be true, and they were. My brother calls me while im in my last class yesterday and tells me that he is leaving with out me and not only that he wants to take my car! i was devastated. not only was i really looking forward to getting away this weekend, no matter where i was really going, he wanted to take my car! it just really made me realize that i do so much for him and he really honestly does not care about me whatsoever. well obviously i was really upset, i mean what am i supposed to do now this whole weekend. I eventually calmed down and realized it was probably for the best, now i can stay home and study for finals. its just really disappointing to know that the circumstances this all happened was because my brother is so selfish and doesnt care about me. Anyways, today is day one of my mini vacation off work and after i type this blog, i will be hitting the gym! After the gym i want to tan out by the pool and then later hang out with my friend julia. we really need to catch up and it has been way too long since she and i had a movie night!

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