Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 3

Today was day 3 of my mini vacation, and I remembered a word that was made when the recession hit "staycation." Magazines and other advertisers were telling people save money be on vacation, but stay close to home, and that's exactly what i did on my vacation. Today was pretty uneventful, but when your on vacation isn't that exactly what you a need. A day not full of errands and a schedule, but that relaxing feeling that you can honestly do whatever you want. I slept in until around 10 and started my day off right with a trip to the gym. I've really been so excited because on almost all of my gym trips i run/walk at least four miles. I never was able to work out that much prior to my surgery over Christmas break. I got my tonsils out and its helped a great deal. I've always played sports and gone to the gym, but i always had difficulties breathing and with my endurance. i always just thought I wasn't very athletic, but during my senior year of swim I literally had times where i could not breath. One meet during bolsa i was swimming the 200 individual medley and during the first 50 yards I honestly was gasping for air. i finished the race luckily, but as i finished i started to have a panic attack because i couldn't catch my breath. My best friend at the time Kayla had to basically lift me out of the pool. I went to the doctor and it turns out my tonsils were so swollen, no wonder I couldn't breath. i was out of swim for about a month until i got better, but senior year was definitely not my best season of swim.  Then it was just a time issue of when i was going to get my tonsils out, and winter break was the best time because I wouldn't miss school. But back to my vacation, after the gym I came home and had lunch and then i studied for finals. I don't know what it is about studying but it gives me such a headache! Then I went to costco and then I came home and watched some movies and I definitely need to get some more studying in.

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