Friday, May 13, 2011

Last night i watched something borrowed with my best friend christy. it was a lot different than what i expected, but it was still a cute movie. we went to the amc at the block at around eight and we bought out tickets. then we filled out this survey at the movie theatre for three dollars each. Free money why not! then we went and sat in the movie. we had already made the decision to not buy snacks, because we were going to eat afterward. as we were watching the previews we smelled a lovely aroma of popcorn and butter and we had to get up and go buy some. i still will never understand how movie theatres get away with selling their food for so much money, but people buy it anyways so i guess thats why. Anyway we walked back to our seats and the movie started. At first i thought this movie was going to be a hilarious romantic comedy, however, i was clearly mistaken. Dont get me wrong the movie had some hilarious parts. It just was nothing like i thought it was going to be. The character Rachel was the studious friend out of the two best friends and she graduated from law school and everything. The other best friend Darcy was the party animal "fun" friend. I really related to this movie because Rachel was always struggling next to Darcy saying that everything was a competition and Darcy always won. However, you go to find out that Rachel was just giving everything to her, Darcy was never actually winning. This made me relate back to my relationship with my cousin because out of the two of us she's the prettier, skinnier one. the boys always flock to her, but after watching this movie i realized its true, one does give up the fight for what they want to the person who you think deserves it. But maybe once in a while people like Rachel in the movie or even me deserve to win a little.

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