Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The syfy channel on cable tv plays the craziest movies.   I once watched a movie about a leprechaun who kills people. The stories are crazy and the most of them have pretty good premises, however the acting has to be the worst I have ever seen. We all know that day time drama such as days of our lives have really bad actors as well, but at least they are extremely good looking. The acting on the syfy channel is none of the above. In the movie about the leprechaun they chose the two worst actors I have ever seen in my life. The two main characters were a boy and a girl and they were dating. The leprechaun wanted to marry the girl and have little leprechaun babies and he tried to kill the boyfriend. However, the boyfriend wasn’t actually dead and when the boyfriend came back to save her she mentioned that she had kissed the leprechaun and she didn’t know who was a better kisser. He should have dumped her on the spot I mean that is so creepy. On the other hand that’s more of a writing issue.  Recently, I just watched a mini series called shark swarm. Syfy likes to make mini series because I feel because they started making a movie and couldn’t get it all in two hours so they make three of them two hours each. So shark swarm had a really good premise. It started out in a university class with environmental science students studying pollution in the ocean. In the small town that the series was set in had a power plant that dumped nuclear waste into the ocean. The story goes on that the waste did something crazy to the sharks and mutated their brains and they all started swarming to this location eating everybody! I didn’t get to finish the whole series and see exactly what happened, but  it was really good even though the acting was terrible. Hopefully one day I can finish watching it.

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