Monday, April 25, 2011

The oc came out a long time ago, and ok yes I love this show. However, it sucks that this show made everyone think differently about Orange County. I was born and raised in Orange County and it is not all its cracked up to be. This show makes it seem like everybody who lives in Orange County is rich and gorgeous. Everyone thinks that all the teenagers do drugs and all the moms are cougars. The show was great don’t get me wrong. I love drama and I love teen age shows where the main characters are in high school because it’s easier to relate to. However, I don’t understand how this one show made everyone go, “OH hey you’re from the OC, so are you like rich just like in the show?” There are so many other shows that did not change anyone’s mind about the setting, so how come this show had such a big impact on people? Maybe we’ll never know. Since I am on a rant, I will say that this show was really not the same after they killed Marissa off. 

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