Monday, April 25, 2011

One of my favorite shows is Lipstick Jungle. I have watched both seasons all the way through like three times and I could watch it three more. Im really upset that they cancelled the show during that one big writers strike a couple of years back. This show is set in New York city and the three main characters are three successful, strong business women. It follows their lives in their families, careers, romances, and friendships.  I love this show because it has steamy drama, hot romances, and a strong friendship. One of the characters Wendy, played by Brooke shields, is a head of a movie production company and is married to her husband and has two kids. Nico, is editor and chief of a huge magazine and Victory is a fashion designer. I love how this show was written and nothing in the show was too farfetched. One of the biggest turn offs to day time dramas for me is that they always make the drama so unrealistic and so much is going on that it is hard to follow. Lipstick jungle has enough drama to keep its audience  interested, but everything is pretty realistic and easy to follow. I really wish they kept this show going because it honestly is one of my favorites!

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