Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ode to the moon
oh beautiful moon coming out as the sun sets to sleep, to help us dream of handsome boys on white horses and to help us count sheep, to watch over us as we party all night, you sure are a trooper cuz there might be a fight and until tomorrow when i see you again sleep tight my dear friend cuz tomorrow we will party all night!

yesterday i was so bored that i actually wrote this poem ode to the moon. i dont really know what came over me to write this except for the fact that i was really bored and i couldnt sleep. i just couldnt help but think that if the moon was a person it would either be really bored or really amused watching all the crazy things people do. then i thought i must be really crazy for thinking what the moon would be thinking if it was a person. i also was really frustrated because my best friend has been really shady lately. I just cant help but think random things when its late at night and i cant sleep. im always really tired, but then when i turn off the light and lay down i cant seem to sleep. that always happens to me unfortunately.

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